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Create A Genuine Impact With

Inspirational Presentations

by Toni Cooper


How often do you look in the mirror and like what you see? Do you see yourself as confident? Do you believe in your goals? Do you believe that you are capable? What would you do if someone started talking rudely about your children or best friend? How would you respond? Would you let the person continue being disrespectful and rude? Or, would you stop them? If you would not allow a person to be disrespectful toward your friend or child, why would you do it to yourself? Think about this for a moment… Each time you look in the mirror, it is talking back at you. What is the mirror saying? Is it saying, “Ugh! I look awful! Yuck!” What if each time you saw your best friend, he said that same thing to you? You likely would no longer be friends. Remember this, the mirror is your friend. What you say to yourself is going to come right back at you. This presentation is one that provide motivation, inspiration, and education. Participants will learn to see themselves as worthwhile. Participants will be inspired to celebrate their victories, set goals, and be authentic leaders. This is an inspirational presentation that involves everyone from the stage to the audience in learning to understand self-confidence, leadership, self-worth, and authenticity.

"So…I never used to do cheesy self-affirmation type stuff…talking in the mirror and speaking out positively and claiming goals for myself. It’s crazy how when you just give it a go it can really change your perspective and you DO feel that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. We are made in the image of GOD so when that image is staring back at you, we are seeing him we should not put that image down or speak negatively. Why are we so quick to judge ourselves and assume we will never accomplish what we aspire to? We are worthy. We work hard and really can accomplish anything! But WE have to decide. WE have to commit and never give up on ourselves. Just give it a shot - give life a shot and do these little activities - we live just one time …embrace everything and stop limiting your potential."


Have you ever been in a situation where all of a sudden, your mind thought “I can’t do this” and you weren’t able to complete the task the way that you thought you could? Do you ever wish the doubt that is cast upon you in certain situations could go away and you could have more confidence? What does success look like to you? “The level of success you see in your life is a direct result of how much you believe in yourself.” “You can either see possibilities or obstacles.” “Take the Stairs” by Toni Cooper is a life changing program. Toni works with the participants to understand the importance of believing in yourself. Until one truly believes in themselves, they will always have fear and doubt. It’s time to change these thoughts. It’s time to overcome these obstacles and increase your self-confidence. Toni Cooper will give you the necessary tools to start believing in yourself. She will teach you how to identify and focus on your strengths. During this keynote, Toni will also teach you a step-by-step approach to goal setting. Everyone has a goal but how we choose to set them will determine whether achieve them or not. Some of the benefits of goal setting are: • Helps to focus your energy, which will allow you to accomplish more • Releases energy and creativity, making us more productive • Keeps you accountable • The clearer the goal, the more apt you are to achieve it • Helps you take the first step in achieving your journey • Everyone wins!

“Toni is the most engaging female speaker I’ve ever encountered. While the majority of speakers stand up and speak the entire time, Toni made us feel a part of the conversation. It was like she customized her presentation for us.”